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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Important Notice ~ Please Read


It has been brought to my attention that some local youths are causing a disturbance at night after dark.    At various times over the last few weeks, kids have apparently been hiding in the bushes at the intersection of Scotts Landing Rd. and Wooleys Dr. heading toward the beach. The incident occurs when cars stop at the noted intersection. These kids are apparently hiding in trees/bushes. When the car stops, said kids jump out and bang the back of the car.  Most drivers believe they have hit something or that something has hit their car and get out to investigate.

If you encounter this type of occurrence, any means to identify these youths will be helpful and PLEASE report this to the Southampton Town police so a record is kept of these occurrences.

Please bring any type of this actvity to the attention of the Board, because if they are local Colony Club kids the parents will be notified and appropriate action taken.

This type of activity is unsafe to the kids, the drivers, passengers and all our members and guests.

Thank you.
John J. McDonough
President - Southampton Shores Colony Club

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