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Monday, March 2, 2015

A message from the Seaman Taranto Family

The Colony Club of Southampton Shores
          President, John Mc Donough
          All members of the “Shores”

          This letter is to let you know that our Seaman/Taranto family house of 65 + years has been sold.   As of February 10, 2015 new owners purchased our property at 116 Turtle Cove Drive.

          Southampton Shores was a very important part of my “growing up”.  We spent our summers at our cottage on Turtle Cove.  We had a row boat first, then a run-about on which we put a 6.5 horse Evinrude to take us out to the Bay for fishing.  Mom caught most of the fish.  She was the best.  We kids and Daddy enjoyed the fishing and eating sandwiches.  It seemed that whenever Daddy took a bite of his sandwich a fish would take the hook.  I think Daddy lost a few sandwiches that way.   Blow fish were fun to catch, but Daddy liked to catch the Weakfish.  Of course we caught Porgies.  They were the fish with lots of bones!  

          We have many memories of Southampton Shores.  Mr. Emerson was president when we first arrived.  Mr. Glacel used to tell stories at the bonfire in the back lot of Emerson’s property.  I think that is now where George and Anne have their house. 

          I could continue with a variety of memories, and perhaps someday I will write a book, but for now I must say Goodbye from the Seaman and Taranto families.

          May you have a good summer and happy future. 
                                                          Best Wishes to you all,
                                                          Barbara (Seaman) Taranto,
                             our children Kathleen, Arnold, Diane and their families. 

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