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Friday, August 23, 2013

A Message from the Colony Club

I have been asked to post this letter in case you didn't get it in your email.

Dear Colony Club member:
As you might have noticed the pile of leave on the intersection of Wooleys Drive and Mailman’s Road has been removed. The following members volunteered their time and in some cases provided the equipment:
Tom Wik
Chris Petrillo
Kevin Ennis
Michael Grahn
Buddy Brandt
Chris Brandt 
Justin Englander
Vladimir Dubinin
Contrary to what some may think, this problem was caused by certain landscaper’s dumping their leaves and debris here rather than disposing of them properly.
 It was not the responsibility of The Colony Club to perform this clean-up and it was done only to rectify a problem that was not being addressed by the parties responsible.

In consideration of the efforts of the volunteers, we are kindly asking you to make sure that no Colony Club member, or a landscaper acting on behalf of a member, dumps  leaves or other waste on Colony Club property or on the adjacent public roads. It is not only illegal, it is also very unneighborly behavior.

Thank you,
Colony Club of Southampton Shores

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