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Monday, August 19, 2013

75th Anniversary Party Pictures

75th anniv ccsc 007
75th anniv ccsc 012
On Saturday, August 17th, about 280 people celebrated the 75th Anniversary of Southampton Shores.
We were so lucky to have good weather for the party!
Two large tents and 2 smaller tents were set up to accommodate all the guests.
75th anniv ccsc 004
75th anniv ccsc 005
The guests arrived and were happy to see many former residents.
75th anniv ccsc 012
75th anniv ccsc 014
We even had some guests arrive via golf cart!
75th anniv ccsc 012
Dr. and Mrs. Nick D’Arienzo with their son Nick, and daughter Carmel posed for a picture.
75th anniv ccsc 028
Later, Carmel chatted with another Carmel (Tuths Culver)who I placed at the same table, not knowing she had been Carmel’s babysitter years ago!
75th anniv ccsc 069
We had very young guests, as well as those who have been part of Southampton Shores for many years.
75th anniv ccsc 019
75th anniv ccsc 042
It was an evening to meet new neighbors like the Woods and Giugliano families, and reconnect with neighbors we don’t always get to see.
75th anniv ccsc 085
The appetizers and main course  provided by Tim Burke of 230 Elm and The Lobster Grille.   Tim has done many parties for the Shores, going back to the late 90’s and early 2000’s when we did the lobster bake at the beach with clams, and mussels, corn etc.
Scott took care of getting the beverages and the cake for the party, and so much more.
75th anniv ccsc 058
75th anniv ccsc 054
75th anniv ccsc 059
Even though there was a line, people used to the time to chat and catch up with friends.
75th anniv ccsc 056
There was a display of old pictures and documents from the Shores.
75th anniv ccsc 016
75th anniv ccsc 048
75th anniv ccsc 047
People were invited to buy a 50/50 ticket, which included a chance at many generous prizes .  Thank you to those who donated gifts to enhance the fun of this special party!
75th anniv ccsc 045
75th anniv ccsc 046
As soon as someone tells me who won the prizes, I will let you know.

I do know that Carol Kierych won the Lobster Dinner from Schmidt’s,

and that Ginny Rossetti won the $100 gift certificate to Salty Home which was donated by Joan and Guy Barbolini.

Kim Emerson won the Country Deli gift certificate and  a BBB gift certificate.

Diana Esposito won the gift card from Lynch's 

The 50/50 was the highest ever!    1000 Dollars won by Tommy Wik's sister.

If anyone knows who won the box of homemade muffins please let me know.  There was a gift certificate attached to the box.  Unfortunately, it wasn't kept together, the gift certificate was given to someone else.
I have something for you, let me know who you are.

I know I didn’t get everyone, it was very crowded on the pavilion, and I didn’t want to interrupt the guests.
Be sure to click on the picture to enlarge it!
75th anniv ccsc 008
75th anniv ccsc 009
75th anniv ccsc 010
75th anniv ccsc 011
75th anniv ccsc 013
75th anniv ccsc 015
75th anniv ccsc 017
Thank you to Carol and Laura who “wo” manned the 50/50 table.

75th anniv ccsc 043
75th anniv ccsc 018
Our DJ, Richie, did a great job spinning tunes from all decades!
75th anniv ccsc 020
75th anniv ccsc 021
75th anniv ccsc 025
75th anniv ccsc 026
75th anniv ccsc 029
75th anniv ccsc 030
75th anniv ccsc 031
75th anniv ccsc 061
75th anniv ccsc 063
75th anniv ccsc 064
75th anniv ccsc 032
75th anniv ccsc 034
75th anniv ccsc 036
75th anniv ccsc 062
75th anniv ccsc 065
75th anniv ccsc 066

75th anniv ccsc 068
75th anniv ccsc 070
75th anniv ccsc 071
75th anniv ccsc 072
75th anniv ccsc 073
75th anniv ccsc 074
75th anniv ccsc 075
75th anniv ccsc 076
75th anniv ccsc 077
75th anniv ccsc 078
75th anniv ccsc 080
75th anniv ccsc 081
75th anniv ccsc 082
75th anniv ccsc 088
75th anniv ccsc 100
The sky provided a beautiful background to the evening’s festivities.

Happy 75th, Southampton Shores!

May your caretakers cherish… enrich… respect…enjoy…
and be kind to you, and each other!

75th anniv ccsc 091
If anyone has a picture they want included, please email it to me, but not in jpeg.

The Thank Yous!

Any of you who have planned one of these parties, and I know many of you have over many decades, realizes the enormous amount of work and planning that goes into to it.

Planning for this started last February, and went on right up till Sat.

Kudos to Guy Barbolini and Joan  for the countless hours they spent on this. In the thick of it, Joan’s dear mom passed away and a funeral had to be planned.  Thank you so much!

Scott Reep did an enormous amount of work, and was still working Sunday morning cleaning up. Thank you , Scott!

Thanks to JoAnn Manchisi  and her committee for making all the centerpieces. If she sends me their names I will include them.

The researching,  ordering and following up, the lighting, the displays, the wonderful door prizes, setting of tables, sweeping of boardwalks, the setting up and breaking down, and so much more, all had to get done!

Trying to keep everyone happy was a major endeavor, and every effort was made to do so.

 If you have a source for vendors who will do it cheaper, or better, please share! It would be great to have a list of resources willing to give us a discount.

This was the largest party in recent history, and recent to me is from 1990 on.

John McDonough, Bob Kennish, Steve and Ginny Rossetti, Joann Manchisi, Vladimir, and so many more lent a hand physically!

I know I am leaving some people out, and names will be added when I get them.
It was a beautiful night, hope you had fun!

Thanks to Tim Burke , Sue and all the great helpers who made the night go smoothly

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  2. What a beautiful photo album Kathleen. Thank you, Carol Soumoff

  3. It was a wonderful event! A thousand thanks to those who volunteered to make it happen. -Dick Spolzino