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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Items for Sale

The Murphy's on Scotts Landing have a few items for sale.


Table and 6 chairs and 2 small tables
Brown Umbrella.
4 yrs old
Price $200

Bedroom dresser and 2 night tables
Dark wood
Prices are negotiable

283 2932

Best wishes to to Ann and Marty Murphy as well as Irene and Rita Murphy.  Both have sold their homes in the Shores.  They will be missed!

Sunfish Regatta Results

The fourth and last sunfish regatta was concluded on Aug 19th in light winds. A total of twelve individual races were held through July and August.

 The "hard luck" award was earned by Steve Pierce, whose mast broke on the third day of racing but continued on with a shortened mast and a lot of determination.

 The third place trophy was presented to Greg Petrillo, who received the "most improved" award last year and in one years time morphed from a novice sailor into a skilled racer both in heavy and very light wind. 

Second place trophy went to Chris Hogan. First place honors , along with his name on the perpetual trophy , was earned by Steve Pierce.  Steve was sailing the same sunfish that his father sailed forty years ago.

 Submitted by John Petrillo