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Saturday, July 10, 2010

SUNFISH RACES ~ Congrats to the winners!

Click on the photo to enlarge!
 The first photo is before the race and is of Warner,Frank Petrillo,Kathy
Ambrose, John Petrillo,Johnny Petrillo( John's son) and yet another John
Petrillo(the late Dr.Anthony and Pat Petrillo's son)
Despite the threatening weather the races were held and were exciting and colorful to watch. The point results( the lower the point total the better) of this first race day was:
Name          Finish Race #1            Race #2           Total
Total Points
Steve Pierce              1                        1                       2

Kevin Ennis              2                        5                       7

Chris Greiner            3                       11 dnf               14

Cathy O'Leary          4                        2                       6

Jason Ambrose/
Ryan Reep                  5                       6                      11

John Petrillo               6                       3                       9

Greg Petrillo               7                        7                     14

Warner Emerson        8                        8                     16

Steve Rossetti             9                        9                     18

Mathew Petrillo -     (11)                      4                      15

1st Place ........... Steve Pierce
2nd Place.......... Cathy O'Leary 
3rd  Place.......... Kevin Ennis
Congratulations to all!

The next race will be held in early August and the exact date will be posted here so log on  frequently.

We will also put up a notice somewhere in the Shores as soon as the date is fixed. 
Even if you didn't make this first race,come and enter the next one. It's a lot of fun!

Submitted by Guy Barbolini

Please remember to make your reservation for the BEACHCOMBERS' Ball on July 31st at 230 Elm, the former Polish Hall. 
Scroll to the previous post to get all the info you need.
It is going to be a lot of fun, so don't miss out.
Last day for reservations is JULY 23!!!
We have some wonderful door prizes of great sports equipment, dinners at local restaurants, etc and there will be a 50/50 drawing.

We would love a few more door prizes, bottles of wine, etc.
If you have anything please let me know!

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