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Friday, August 21, 2020

House for Sale

For Sale 101 Wooleys Drive This newly listed cape cod has been renovated with fine finishes. It has four bedrooms each with a private bathroom and an additional half bath. The kitchen has a large center island with two inch Imperial Danby marble countertops. The open layout makes for great entertaining. Enjoy the beautiful yard from the cathedral screen porch. The house has a full basement, attached two car garage, and many extras including outdoor shower, two patios, gas fireplace, and gas stove. The home is located in highly desirable Southampton Shores across the street from Wooleys Pond with community access. Southampton Shores provides a private beach on Little Peconic Bay, tennis, a bocce court, a baseball field, and a marina. The home will be available for showing after Labor Day. Asking $1,945,000 For more information, please contact the owners at 772-828-9799 or

Thursday, July 18, 2019

House for Sale

Irene Caulfield has decided to sell her house in the Shores.  She wants to let the residents of our community know before she gives it to a realtor.
You may contact her at .  No realtors please!

Monday, May 6, 2019

Response from the Levin's

In response to Mr. Liman’s letter, we would like to share the remarks we made at yesterday’s zoning board hearing so the community has the full story. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at

I am here today as our family owns the property at 116 Turtle Cove in Southampton Shores and we are in the process of building our home.

Our family has been a part of the Shores community for nearly five years, up until recently owning a house on Warfield Way, the part of the community south of Noyak Road. 

When we first moved into the Shores with our two young girls, we quickly realized what residents have known for decades, that it is different here. Unlike many other areas out east, there is a more tranquil, down to earth atmosphere, which is what makes living in this community so special.  This neighborhood, this community, matched the very core of our values. 

We loved our first home in the community but we had concerns for the safety of our daughters crossing Noyak Road to enjoy the community beach.  We decided that for our peace of mind, we would look for an opportunity to move to the north side of the Shores if it was possible.  So, we started our search.

Eventually we learned that the Malenos were contemplating selling their vacant lot at 116 Turtle Cove. We met with them and ultimately decided to purchase the property.  We made the decision for two reasons, the location and equally importantly, it came with an approved survey, architectural plans and the required permits to build a home.  

When we first reviewed the Malenos’ approved survey with the plans, we saw that it called for a large retaining wall around the septic system. We were disappointed. We knew that this retaining wall would be extremely expensive to build and would make our already tight budget for the project even tighter.  Over the course of several months, we spoke with everyone we could to determine if there were any alternatives to the retaining wall.  It was the last thing we wanted to spend our hard earned money on. Our outreach included 5 builders, several septic experts, and the same surveyor who performed the work for the Malenos.  In each instance we were told that we had no choice but to build the retaining wall as depicted in the Malenos’ approved survey. It had to be built according to those plans in order to safeguard the ground water and wetlands.  With no other option presented to us, we obtained our building permit andbroke ground on our home.  

It was with great disappointment and sorrow that we are here today. Never did we expect to be before you trying to explain what we are doing and why we are doing it.  Especially when it was explained to us that there was no other alternative.

The nightmare that has ensued since being served with papers in December 2018 by our neighbors, the Limans, has been stressful to say the least. We are building our home exactly as instructed by the regulatory bodies and in accordance with our building permit. Yet, we have to defend ourselves for following the rules and building a home that protects the environment.

The Limans could have objected to the retaining wall when the Malenos’ plans and survey were approved in 2015. The Limans also could have objected to the retaining wall in a timely manner after we obtained our building permit in August 2018 and before we spent tens of thousands of dollars on our septic system and retaining wall. However, they did neither, and the retaining wall around our septic system has been fully constructed and our house has been built based on the elevations of the retaining wall. If innovation, which moves so quickly, now provides for other options, or regulations are now interpreted differently, it is unfair to ask us to make changes after the work has been done, passed inspection and been fully paid for. Our house has been built based on what was mandated when the regulatory approvals and building permit were obtained. To require us to make changes at this stage would be a tremendous hardship on our family as it would be to any other family sitting here today.  If the town is going to change its policy for this type of structure, it should be done so prospectively.

I am truly saddened that my family and Ihave been portrayed by certain members of the community as outsiders who have chosen for personal reasons to build the retaining wall. This could not be further from the truth. We were told by numerous experts that there were no other alternatives at the time and that the retaining wall was a regulatory requirement for us to build our home. If given the option back then, we would have gladly built our home without the retaining wall. 

I implore you to consider the difficult position we’ve been put in and treat us fairly. All we want, and have ever wanted, is to build a home for our family in the community we have chosen to put down roots.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration.

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Letter re Meeting on May 2

April 23, 2019
Dear Southampton Shores Neighbors,
On April 9, the Southampton Town Board shot down a proposed amendment to
the town code that would have allowed septic retaining walls to be built without a
permit from the building inspector.
As a result of this decision, the six-foot high concrete retaining walls (pictured below)
that Marc Levin and Mariana Loose (116 Turtle Cove Drive) constructed facing Turtle
Cove Drive, and directly on our shared property line, remain non-compliant. The law
at the time construction began, and today, states that such walls should be no
greater than 4 feet in height and set back a minimum of 5 feet from the street and, on
the side yard, set back far enough to landscape.
To date, our neighborly efforts, verbally and in writing, to offer a settlement to help
the Levins comply with a re-design have been unsuccessful.
On May 2, there will be a 7pm public hearing of the Zoning Board of Appeals at
Southampton Town Hall, 16 Hampton Road, concerning the appropriate height
and location of the Levins’ walls. I would urge residents of Southampton Shores
who care about maintaining the bucolic character of our community to attend the
meeting and voice their concerns.

Lewis Liman

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

House for Sale 33 West Beach Drive

Dear Southampton Shores family -
Our wonderful parents purchased our house - 33 West Beach Drive - almost 60 years ago and our family has enjoyed being a part of this amazing, one of a kind community ever since.  However, the time has come for us to part with our home and we've decided to offer it for private sale to the community first.

I wouldn't know where to start in describing the best features of the property.  The amazing beach, the short walk to the bay right in our back yard, the beauty of Turtle Cove just across the street, the most amazing sunsets known to man, etc., etc.

We are asking $2.5 million.  Ideally, we would love to have use of the house for this summer.  Please call me with any questions or comments.

Chris Greiner
Christopher D Greiner
516.551.6044 mobile

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

A letter from the Levin's

Dear Neighbors - 

We are writing in response to Mr. Garvey's open letter.  

The house we are building at 116 Turtle Cove will be approximately 4,000 square feet when completed, which is comparable to many other homes in the neighborhood. The retaining wall was mandated by the Suffolk County Health Department to protect and preserve the environment. We have always intended to landscape around the retaining wall at the appropriate time in our construction to make it fit with the beauty of Southampton Shores, a community our family has been a part of for nearly 5 years, having previously owned on Warfield Way

We encourage anyone with concerns to contact us directly at


Mariana and Marc

Saturday, January 12, 2019

A letter from Don Garvey

This was sent to me by Don Garvey.

Dear Neighbor,
     As you may know there is currently a house under construction at 116 Turtle Cove Drive (the old Seaman property.)  In my opinion, this house does not conform to the rest of the community by any criteria.
     On January 3, 2019, I made my views known at a public meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals and on January 8th, in a formal complaint to the Building Dept. -- copy attached.  If you agree with me, I would urge you to contact the Town of Southampton/Dept. of Land Management ASAP.  
     Please feel free to use any of the information noted in my verbal remarks and written complaint.
                                                         Don Garvey
Town of Southampton
Dept. of Land Management
Building and Zoning Division
116 Hampton Road
Southampton, NY 11968